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Eggrolls at home, without that hot (fryer) mess

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So, who knew how hard it would be to roll up some wonton wrappers until you’ve stuffed about 50 of them?

But the results? Totally worth it.

One baking sheet per belly is how this was carefully calculated.

This recipe for Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch from Cake and Allie definitely hit the spot last Sunday and would be great for entertaining any amount of guests (though our party of two on the couch in front of our Netflix TV served just as well). It takes a little time to stuff the suckers — especially with mini wonton wrappers that are smaller and thinner than a slice of American cheese — but once you get into a groove, it’s real simple and in your tum after a 15-minute pop in the oven. Voila: Grown-up pizza rolls, with or without wine!

Stats? That’s actually one thing missing from this recipe; I don’t see stats on calories, etc. anywhere associated with it. But, with minimal ingredients and mostly vegetables, I’d say if you’re watching your fat to either skimp on the cheese or go part-skim. I also ended up with about two cups leftover of the filling mixture, so the calorie-conscious can perhaps skip a cup each of the cheese and corn to cut down a little. But the fact that these are baked definitely helps a lot, if you can constrain yourself to eating just a few.

Appearance? When hiring my part-time assembly line crew, I didn’t go over uniformity of the wrappers and filling. A non-heaping spoonful into each of our mini wontons worked, plus a dab of water to keep them shut. Despite our variances in baby burrito-folding skills, the final product turned out much like the recipe picture: Cute bake marks on a toasted little treat. Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside.

Taste? I’m no judge of the alleged Chili’s version of this, but these were quite yummy and fit their “southwestern” bill. Lots of flavor for minimal ingredients, which is a big plus to me. We skipped making the avocado ranch dipping sauce in favor of our own concoctions, mostly because I was worried that without buttermilk or sour cream on hand, the intended “so my thing” yumminess as described by Cake and Allie just wouldn’t be there.

Verdict? To save some time, I’m thinking that Wonton’s big sister Eggroll would like a chance at this recipe. And I’m willing to give it to her, maybe at our next get-together with friends. Minus some prep challenges, this was a really easy and fun dish to make … and eat!


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